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a man and woman in wedding attire standing next to each other at a church alter
The long debate over same-sex marriage in the US: An interactive map/timeline showing how laws allowing or banning gay marriage changed over time, state by state.
an info sheet with many different types of women in each country and their names on it
INFOGRAPHIC: ‘Golden Girls’ to ‘Desperate Housewives’
The story behind the graphic showing the connections between "Desperate Housewives," "Girls," "Sex And The City," "Living Single," "Designing Women" and "Golden Girls"
a diagram showing the layers of an ocean floor and how they are made into it
Shale gas boom has benefits and risks - The Boston Globe
How Fracking (Hydraulic fracturing) Works: Graphic by David Butler, Javier Zarracina and Patrick Garvin.
How to get a hand-drawn look in your infographics Orthopaedic Nursing, Massage Pressure Points, Massage For Men, Ligaments And Tendons, Licensed Massage Therapist, Trigger Point Therapy, Reduce Tension, Knee Replacement, Massage Benefits
How to get a hand-drawn look in your infographics
How to get a hand-drawn look in your infographics
a baseball player's red sox past and present through the years in his career
On Tim Wakefield, oldest active player in Red Sox history
When Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield announced on Friday that he's retiring, many of his records in the Sox organization were discussed. But my favorite of Wakefield's distinctions is that he became the oldest active player in the history of the team, leading to one of my first enterprise projects at The Boston Globe.
the graph shows that there are many different types of people
20 years after “black album,” Metallica’s platinum records compared
On Aug. 12, 1991, Metallica's eponymous "black album" was released. The album eventually was certified platinum… 15 times. This chart takes look at how many times the band's other albums went platinum.
an image of many different characters in the same movie or tv character names and expressions
Harry Potter, Star Wars, Joseph Campbell and the hero myth
Using the archetypes described in Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With a Thousand Faces,” the chart compares characters from the Harry Potter series, “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” “Lord Of The Rings” and… “Finding Nemo.”
a thermometer showing heat and pressure
Charles Apple shows a USA Today graphic that is supposed to be a sun holding a thermometer, but looks an awful lot like… Oh, I can't even say it. Just look for yourself.