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Amateur Photoshopper

A few things I did in Photoshop which represent my search for interesting effects.

Amateur Photoshopper

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The 'zombified' version of the Naughty Elf Wanted Poster.

I'd already made a 'zombified' version of a selfie and decided to try converting it to a sketch. This time, I pointed the ears. Once it was done and vignetted to get rid of extraneous details, it looked a lot like a Wanted poster, so I gave it a parchment(ish) background and Hey! Presto! Naughty Elf was born - and immediately in trouble. Story of my life!

Being more interested in getting an interesting image rather than a perfect photo, I processed (to Hell and back) this shot of some ugly plywood panels to bring out the grain of the wood and the texture of the stone wall. Maybe I should have added a sky - and may do in the future - but didn't think of it at the time.

"Warp Speed" Having 'mislaid' my tripod since moving house, I now tend to use available objects on which to rest my camera - hence the tilted aspect to this shot. This was about a thirty second exposure, during which, a van shot down the street creating this nice light trail.

"Catholic Lane" This is a pano shot assembled from three photos. I managed to get the tone right between the shots but there remains a dividing line if you look closely.

"Back Of The Clifton, Sedgley" The Faux-HDR process brings out the brickwork nicely. I had to snap this - I love the row of bins and the chimney - many ways out of the bar!

This process has certainly brought out detail in the shadows and it really brings a bland sky to life. For some reason, this looks like an advertisement photo from years ago.

I tried this faux-HDR effect on various photos. This is Ladies Walk in Sedgley. Works nice on stone walls.

"BP Garage Experiment" I've been messing around to find a satisfactory way to process a single shot into an HDR-like photo. This one turned out quite good but I'm not sure I'd call it HDR because of the lack of textures. Also, I've just noticed the haloing around the trees at the left-hand third.

"A Road Nearby" Sepia treatment with the buildings 'popped'.

  • J M Steampunk_traveler
    J M Steampunk_traveler

    Checking out your work.....this is excellent. The lighting is really good . Love the subtle colours. It has dept. nice.

  • Patrick Mann
    Patrick Mann

    Thanks very much! I've only got a point-and-shoot Canon but I like the pictures it makes - plus, I can't stop messing with Photoshop. ;)

Another pano shot that I had decided to use as a painting. I can see green if it's in sufficient quantity in an image - I should be on safe ground painting this one! It's quite easy to see the dividing lines between the shots. I've got to get better at assembling panos and colour matching!

I may have mentioned that I like to paint. I know - I'm colourblind - so I have to choose images where I can clearly see the colours, otherwise they end up looking shitty. This was a photo of a church in Sedgley which I altered to look like an oil painting as a guide for me when it came time to paint it.

A pano taken while I sat beneath a tree in Coronation Gardens, Sedgley during the lovely Summer we've just had. I made it as a Timeline Header on my Facebook page, which is why it has text on it.

"Snow Painting" - an image taken with my phone which, when 'massaged' with Photoshop, turned into quite a nice winter-themed greetings card image. Help yourself if it's useful to you.

The untouched version of the "Snow Painting" image.

A shot of Birmingham City University made into a 'planet',

  • J M Steampunk_traveler
    J M Steampunk_traveler

    Crazy! I don't know how to do anything like that!

  • Patrick Mann
    Patrick Mann

    It's quite easy if you have Photoshop. This is probably not the place to post up tutorials but if you like, I could email you the instructions. Drop me an email ( and I'll send a return with the instructions as an attachment.

A 1024x768 wallpaper I made which would suit somebody who likes a card game. Help yourself if you want it.

This is the 'dream' version of the Christmas card image. Please use it if it's good enough and have a Happy Christmas.

This was intended for use as an illustration for a meme but I forgot the gem of wisdom that should have gone with it. If you can think of one, please use this image and let me know where I can see it in use, or comment below and if I use it, I'll credit you.

This image was taken at the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Aston, Birmingham. I was converting it (!) into a watercolour-effect when I noticed it would make a decent Christmas card. Help yourself if it's useful.

I'm not very good at creating graphics from scratch (although I am getting better). This is an attempt at a birthday card featuring one of the old Birmingham street lights. If you can download it, please use it if it's useful to you. Just don't remove the logo in the left hand panel.

This is a Tritone made from a photo of vented brickwork at Witton Station, Aston, Birmingham.

Pinsent Mason Building, Birmingham - I'd done a 'faux HDR' thing on this photo before deciding to give it the dream treatment.

"Snowy Witton Lane - After" - This is the result of the previous pic being fooled about with to create a wintery effect. I first discovered this technique when I experimented with 'winterising' on a shot of Wenceslas Cathedral in Prague.

"Snowy Witton Lane - Before" - Taken on Witton Lane, Aston, Birmingham. This desaturated photo was used in the creation of the "Snowy Witton Lane" image.