Easy Headboard- 2 doors from Lowes (22.00 each) painted and topped with crown molding.

Romantic Bedroom Makeover

From BHG - Love this inexpensive idea for a headboard - 2 doors from Home Depot, painted and topped with crown molding.---yup, my master bedroom has a headboard like this now!

I am definitely doing this soon! Print your picture out on plain paper, Take piece of wood and coat with mod podge, turn picture upside down on wood press and let dry overnight. next day using water and your hands rub paper off of wood (your picture will be on the wood) now cover with more mod podge.

Try This: Print Your Family Photos On Wood

Print picture on plain paper. Coat piece of wood with mod podge. Turn picture upside down on wood, press and let dry overnight. Next day using water and your hands rub paper off wood. Your picture has transferred onto the wood. Cover with more mod podge.

How to Make Stepping Stones – with a Cake Pan.

How to Make Stepping Stones - with a Cake Pan

Craft with the kids this summer DIY garden stones - use a cake pan! Also, using clear contact paper to hold the mosiac pieces in place while the concrete sets is also kind of brilliant. I want to use mirror pieces, red gems, and black cement dye.

cheez it chicken

Cheez-It Chicken! 8 chicken tenders 1 cup sour cream 3 cups Cheez-Its, crushed cup butter, melted Crush the Cheez-Its by placing them in a large ziploc bag and rolling over them with a rolling pin. Preheat the oven to Roll the chicken tenders in

Lampshade decorated with old book pages. such a cute idea! I want to do it with maps.

Budget Anthropologie Tutorial: Dictionary page Lampshade.However, I have done lamp shades with sheet music or old hymn book pages that are adorable! Or children's picture book pages - or comic books!

Amazing coffee table alternative!

DIY Tree Slice Coffee Table - great idea on how to use an obnoxiously large stump of wood.

The Steps to Make a Penny Vase from VoneInspired. Cool idea for old pennies

DIY Penny Vase diy craft crafts home decor easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts crafty diy decor craft decorations how to home crafts tutorials teen crafts

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

There are a variety of plants that can help naturally purify the air. Such plants are the aloe plant, spider plant, English ivy, peace lily, rubber plant and snake plant.

Pour water into a mason jar and add a glow stick. Place jars around pools patios or sidewalks during you next late night get together.

Glow Stick Lanterns

diy home sweet home: Tips, Tips, and More Tips pour water in to a mason jar and add a glow stick, place jars around pools, patios or sidewalks during your next late night get together --- next years halloween party!

Nice recycling craft

Egg carton Christmas Tree (great for a school or group Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Brickwork  bedroom - if only!

New York Apartment style? Exposed brick - Low bed - Gallery wall - Trunk as a bedside table

Aging techniques

Aging is so Distressing - Techniques for Antiquing Furniture

How to Age, Antique and Distress almost anything by Pretty Handy Girl.Thanks Pretty Handy Girl