Patrycja Tomaszewska

Patrycja Tomaszewska

Patrycja Tomaszewska
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Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, love this outfit; I love the short skirt and with the shirt and tights, it's perfect, I prefer more of heeled shoes or booties instead of these boots, but I love the overall outfit

Every girl needs a basic circle skirt in their wardrobe - no matter what the season! The Carrie circle skirt features a super stretchy waist, and multiple pleat

#winter #fashion / gray knit + skirt

Life's too short for boring clothes? Time's too precious to waste it on fishing for sparkly knick knacks, that take ages to match together. Classy magpies know 'simplicity' shines brightest.

August 1973. ‘You won’t miss the bus if you buzz off with our girls.’

justseventeen: “ August ‘You won’t miss the bus if you buzz off with our girls.

1960s street style.- Totally in love with the white dress! Should have been born in this generation.

Mini Dresses were so scandalous back then. Yep, I wore them, it was just fashion. Had mini skirts too. The trip was the nylons and garter belt right before pantyhose. Maybe pantyhose were out because otherwise you could not wear the mini-skirts.