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Make her hair a bit more unruly, put some juniper green highlights in there, and give her golden eyes and bam- that would be Ghost. (Maybe her scythe too, if she was feeling bold)

El gran Hayao Miyazaki acaba de cumplir 75 años y para celebrar, hemos recopilado esta gran colección de 40 lustraciones y fan arts, creadas por artistas de todo el mundo.

A Ghibli tribute made for an exhibition dedicated to 30 anniversary of Studio Ghibli. Exhibition took place in Warsaw, in the Department of Information and Culture of the Embassy of Japan.

銀魂 | Gintama *-* these are some serious yaoi expressions

Gintama *-* these are some serious yaoi expressions

Kamui  Kouka (Gin Tama)

Kamui Kouka (Gin Tama) >>>>i love kouka!

Hijikata Toushirou - fanmade genderbend

I wish this was his real female form

#sinpachi #gintama #kagura

Kagura and Shinpachi from Gintama Movie, they are so cool