super idée j'ai des fausses bougies toutes tristes qui vont prendre un coup de jeune et de fun cette année!

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments (one little project

These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Turn on the tea light and the "flame" becomes the snowman's carrot nose! A fun Christmas craft idea.

Low Carb Bread

This LC bread has a surprisingly bread-like texture. Much more so than the flax bun I did before. So this is now my go-to low carb bread :) I used this one to replace an English muffin in eggs Benedict.

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Really easy really yum 3 ingredient mousse chocolate cream 1 cup marshmallow. Heat chocolate half cream and marshmallow about 10 mins. Whip other half cream fold in chocolate mixture let set