Sewing Cartoons & Quotes

Sewing Cartoons & Quotes

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Mrs. Bobbins!

Angela Walters Quilters Don't Do List for More Rewarding Quilting

Want this for my sewing room!

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  • Mona

    A co-worker made me one of these and framed it for Christmas a couple of years ago. It's proudly in my sewing room!

Free printable! Love it!

oh, sweet joy!: free printable!

fabric! - free printable

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Did you visit for bag sewing projects yet?

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  • Nicole Maldonado
    Nicole Maldonado

    Lmao I have a little fabric stash already.

  • Kendra Frazier
    Kendra Frazier

    Haha so perfect!

  • Erin Mandia
    Erin Mandia


  • Cyndi Wolfley
    Cyndi Wolfley

    Hahhaah!! :)

Campervan Messenger Bag - Part 3

Best Way to Learn How to Sew Better #sewing

Best Way to Learn How to Sew Better


A Quilt and A Prayer: Stash Enhancement Report

Our Rewards...

Our Rewards... - - Join the most vibrant sewing community on the web!
  • Sharon Williams
    Sharon Williams


LOL... how many of you does this apply to?

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  • VintageLook

    Guilty as charged.

  • Kate Ives
    Kate Ives

    As above!


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;) See my Sewing Cartoons and Quotes board for more funnies like this!

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  • Terri Strong Koehn
    Terri Strong Koehn

    You made me laugh! Love it!

  • Leigh Dixon
    Leigh Dixon

    Funny.....could be true........:)


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  • Lori Nealley
    Lori Nealley

    OMG itsme


The Rules for Quilting

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LOL Fans!

StudioKat Designs

the Porta-Pockets Purse Insert | Studio Kat Designs
  • Cindi Downer
    Cindi Downer

    Something my cat has done. I'm surprised I haven't sewn his tail onto something.

Thank you to Fabric Mart!

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quilty quotes

Quilt-Tee Shirts | Funny t-shirts for Quilters


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  • Douli Dressmaker
    Douli Dressmaker

    there's nothing more to say....

  • Ozzypip



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A handy yardage chart to help you figure out how much fabric you need to make your own bedding, curtains, tableclothes, etc.

Fabric Yardage Charts: How Much Fabric Do You Need? | J&O Fabrics

I knew it!

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  • Ozzypip

    or cutting children out of your will

  • Dianne Bales-Spear
    Dianne Bales-Spear

    Could get you the death penalty at my house!

  • Melanie Decker
    Melanie Decker


How did they know? LOL!

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  • Marla-Ann Cooprider
    Marla-Ann Cooprider

    Oh yes!

too true!

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  • Ozzypip

    very true

um.... yeah!

very true...

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So get sewing!

Very true..

As if... LOL

  • Karen Barlow
    Karen Barlow

    It's only a matter of time till these groups exist with meetings on the hour....

  • Mary Jo
    Mary Jo

    I must admit, Pinterest has helped me, I've bought alot of fabric on line.

  • Robin RL
    Robin RL

    On Pinterest I have only found more quilt designs that need me to buy more fabric !!!!

  • Robin RL
    Robin RL

    I want to go to these group meeting How fun would that be !!!

  • Mary Jo
    Mary Jo

    I think it would be great to have a "swap" meet. We could trade all that "what the hell did I buy this for?" fabric!!!!!

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you know you're going to be late when...

Moda Wovens Portugal Yarn-Dyed Plaid Yellow/Coral #fabric

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Been there... keep going back LOL!