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    social skills

    social skills

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    A social story that addresses the situation of having a substitute teacher. Students with anxiety and social skills needs, especially students with High Functioning Autism, may feel nervous and agitated about having a substitute teacher. This story addresses that things may be different, but it will work out.

    Sensory strategy

    Social Skills

    Social Skills Wooksheets

    Lessons and games on emotions

    FREE Figurative Language - Figures of Speech Poster Set! Alliteration, Hyperboles, Idioms, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Proverbs and Adages, and Similes and Metaphors. Each poster includes a brief description and example. ENJOY! Educational Printables! More than 350 printables organized by topic.

    Paying attention to people's body language can give us important clues about what they might be thinking or feeling

    Super hero Social Skills!

    I can do it: help kids make choices to do good behaviors

    Dealing with Losing and Disappointment: Teaching these social skills to kids with ASD - illustrated panels

    This is a website that explains 6 Dr. Seuss books teachers can read to their students that will foster good social skills. These books can be read to either a kindergarten or first grade class.

    Cut the phrases into individual cards and allow students to add to proper categories.- Ideas to Promote Kindness and Courtesy

    The Way I Act book for teaching social skills. Behavior management and manners.

    120 Social Skills Questions

    Parent Teacher Conference Forms - FREEBIE! Great self evaluation ideas for students to fill out before conferences

    Supporting Self-Regulation in the Classroom - Guest blogger Leah Kalish shares strategies for helping students regulate their thoughts, feelings, and actions to manage stress and control impulses.

    From One-Sided Sid to Your Social Filter - we introduced One Sided Sid as a topic of conversation. He gets people to talk about their interests and favorite topics not thinking of others and their interests. I created this visual for defeating One Sided Sid

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    One-Sided Sid activity: A worksheet that goes with a social lesson on the Superflex character "One-Sided Sid." Great for use as a small group/classroom activity or homework activity. From Speech Haven

    Teach your young ones about interrupting with this fun story and activity! To see how I use this activity in my classroom, click the blog link below! Interrupting Chicken Blog Post

    Teaching Social Skills to children who lack social understanding | Great tips for kids who CAN'T make the connection

    Free Worksheets Activities for Emotional Mental Health Skills! Great activities for teaching kids coping skills and social skills. This activity is great for teaching impulse control and rewards and consequences to young children and children diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and other Behavior Disorders.

    Ahh.... we have seemed to finally master this, but here is a great printable for you and yours! : Life Skills - Personal Hygiene, comes with additional worksheet

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