Patti Saunders
Patti Saunders
Patti Saunders

Patti Saunders

What would you like to know? I'm an identical twin. I live in Alaska; she lives in New Jersey (one per coast is enough). Love books, beads, yarn, gardening, and

Court Dress Russia, 1900 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Donate to the Russian LGBT Network

A Painted House by John Grisham

My Christmas present from Patti!

This is my new jewelry spinner made by me! I used a lazy Susan base($10), a wood circle($10), and eight wire grids($1.34 ea from Staples). I also got the small pendant displays (the backs fit perfectly in the grids) from Nile Corp for $1.21 each. I love it and it works well. I can dismantle and fold it flat in about 10 seconds.

Bead Soup? Good way to use all those miscellaneous beads - Simple Stacked Stretch Bracelets - Great, easy turorial from Adrianne at HappyHOurProjects...

Temari thread ball -- do want.

Sure wish the name of this beauty came with the pic. And maybe the home region? Nice to educate while browsing...

Antique button with Foil Enclosure Encrustations

covered bridge - this is a first for me!

Dream Downtown Hotel by Handel Architects