Mermaid Lounge Vintage Wood Sign Wood Sign at

Mermaid Lounge Vintage Wood Sign

Mexican Mermaid, Nell Fallcard on ArtStation at - I love the texture of the clothing she's wearing. The pattern on her tail looks like beadwork, so it's hard to tell if it's a natural scale pattern or something she's just wearing, but either way it's awesome.

sosolo: “Mexican Mermaid by Nell Fallcard Freelance Illustrator Guadalajara, Mexico ”

THE GODDESS OF WATER. Painting by Ronnie Biccard

Goddesses/Astrological Goddesses - Ronnie Biccard Artist - The Joy of Life - I see that she is Life

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Mermaid Hand Painted Canvas with Shell by FromCapeMayWithLove, Great idea. [Use sea glass for tail]