bwahahahhaaaa LOVE THIS:) Not too many people understand my Coach purse addiction!

so true

A child's laugh.I love listening to my kids laugh! Really belly laugh.makes me smile!


Not exactly inspiration, but hell yeah its funny! I do keep opinions to myself LOL

Be Grateful, Be Thankful Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Be Grateful, Be Thankful family quote life appreciate simple wisdom grateful thankful. Thank you dear God for blessing me with the wisdom of being grateful.

This made me cry a bit! Vows?

Dress me. inspiration and reminder from the poet, Bob Marley. "Love hard when there is love to be had"

Love my cousins!!!!!! So so much Sarah, Dedra, Evan, Fitzpatrick girls!!! Ahhh all my cousins are great!!

Every summer my cousins Carol and Susan and I have CousinFest. Weve been getting together every summer for the past thirteen years to spend a long, happy weekend laughing and talking and staying up late to drink margaritas by the pool.


Some ppl need to learn to really think twice before posting to FB! Or think twice about their "friends" list.

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