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Giant multiplication chart

Life cycle of plants foldable booklet. LOTS of creative ideas for getting kids to write about science while teaching the life cycle of plants. Post includes FREE printable anchor charts for photosynthesis and parts of a plant.

This is so awesome and is so our theme with Ava. Should I just buy now and save it for her 18th bday?!?! Dr Seuss Necklace | Graduation Charm | Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Stacked memory wire bracelet. In Spanish but pictures are all you really need

Oooohhhhh what a gorgeous memory wire bracelet

Historically, essential oils have been used to promote prayer, meditation, and in religious ceremonies. In ancient Egypt, priests used resins, balms, and oils from plants for religious purposes. The Vedas, a sacred book and collection of Indian hymns and... [Keep Reading]

How do you know a tornado is coming? A lesson on the most violent storms on Earth.

Easy Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorial : Flower Earrings

Awesome activities related to astronauts and how they eat in space! Includes recipe and instructions for how to make astronaut pudding.

Video Instructions for kids or adults wanting to learn to rope.

Video: How to Draw a Cowboy Hat for a Kid's Project. Tie in for Anthony Reynoso

Video: The wonderful Stacy Westfall riding Roxy bareback and brideless with Maggie at liberty. Watch for the flying lead changes and sliding stop!

▶ Numbers and colors in Spanish. Colores y números - YouTube

I loved watching this on my Sing-Along when I was little! It's so catchy! Walt Disney- A Cowboy Needs A Horse 1956

video - Just Dance - Cotton Eye Joe indoor recess

"Square Dance Cadence", from the award-winning CD, "Kid's Country Song & Dance" This song is part of our campaign that supports, Healthy Music for a Child's Heart, Body & Mind! Kid's Country Song & Dance CD Download: store.learningsta... Kid's Country Song & Dance CD: store.learningst...

How to draw a cowboy step by step for kids

homemade bug spray with lemongrass oil, citronella oil, (lavender, tea tree oil, or geranium optional), + witchhazel

The water cycle: Drip the Water Drop and his adventure through water.

12 YouTube Outer Space Videos for Kids

How do You Make Handmade Pearl Stud Earrings Step by Step