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By Matt Draiss Everybody has found an old coin in their change or inherited something they just do not know about. From wheat pennies right on up to $20 gold pieces, old coins are worth money. Sometimes they can be worth a fortune. The Wheat cent is one of the most famous coins to ever …


How To Blow Giant Bubbles That Won't Pop

If you're tired of bubbles that pop as soon as you blow them, try this recipe for unbreakable bubbles!

make your own watercolor cakes using only two ingredients that you likely have on hand. Not only are these watercolors incredibly easy to make, but they also FIZZ.

Mix 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, and food coloring in a condiment bottle to create cheap and easy paint. | 31 Genius Hacks For Your Elementary School Art Class

How to Make Your Own Watercolors

I used to love watercolor painting as kid. Every fresh, new palette from the store brought a fresh new wave of excitement, but that excitement would die after just one painting session when the colors had all run together into one big blob of murky brown....