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180 ° - Chouette Effraie / Barn Owl -

Tawny Owl by Hans Bulder

Great Horned Owl by M beautiful amazing

Owl types. Handy little poster for identifying Northern Hemisphere Owls.

Love the black and white photograph

The split second before contact...via: crescentmoon06. - Imgend

Great Grey Owl in Grand Teton National Park.

French stamp

Great horned owl

✯ Baby Hawk ...American Kestrel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius), sometimes colloquially known as the SparrowHawk, is a small falcon, and the only kestrel found in the Americas.✯


Tawny Owl, by Ron Coulter

Gray Owl ~


#Tawny #Owl.


~~Flying Fish ~ Scottish Osprey plucking a rainbow trout from the water by Richard Steel~~

Great Horned Owl Portrait by Terry Isaac

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The Gyrfalcon, also spelled gerfalcon—Falco rusticolus—is the largest of the falcon species. The Gyrfalcon breeds on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia. by kANJAheiterwerden

Crested Goshawk (Accipiter trivirgatus) is a bird of prey from tropical Asia.