DIY gold foil printing, WHAT! it's that easy?!?!

DIY Gold Fold Prints

DIY gold metallic foil printing, WHAT! it's that easy? Not always needing to be printed! Annotated by Lisa Di Camillo. If, when the day comes, I want to do foil invitations.

10 great dingbats for diecutters

10 great free dingbat fonts for diecutters

Cricut sucks but when I finally get my awesome silver bullet I will thank myself for saving this! 10 Great FREE Dingbats For Diecutters ~~ already tested! These work great with your Cricut or Silhouette! Easy Links provided too!

Silhouette School: Silhouette Layering Vinyl Tutorial (The No-Fail Method)

Well, I've heard your want to know how to layer vinyl! I must give the people what they want and so today we're going to talk about the easiest, no-fail, pretty much guarantee way to p