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Birth Doula film

The Ultimate Birth Companion". A 2011 film that challenges parents and professionals within the birthing community to be part of a global shift towards normalizing empowered birth.

TinyG CNC for Android - USB and network demo

[Matt] is the proud owner of a JGRO-based CNC router and he's been working on a way to control it without a computer. What he came up with is a way to drive the CNC machine using this Android tab.


Pantone, the people of color, have released a new set of cases for the iPhone 4 and iPad with classic Pantone styling. These Pantone iPhone Cases are avai

John's Phone, "World's Most Elementary, User-Friendly Cell Phone." $110. Compatible with any simcard, operates anywhere in the world.

Johns_Phone - The world’s most elementary, user-friendly cell phone. No email. No texting. No nauseatingly endless ringtones. No contract. Just a phone that can be used anywhere in the world. Compatible with any type of SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

“A fun and engaging way to celebrate the arrival of the Galaxy S III” : Tom Jefferies, Head of Digital, Samsung UK & Ireland

UCube Compact USB Speakers $150

Mac-Matching Speakers Handsome Enough To Clear Your Desk For