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Baking Soda Mask: Mix 5-6 tbsp of baking soda with half tsp honey and a tsp or 2 of milk or water, enough to make a paate. Add about 4-5 caspules of Vitamin E. Mix and apply on face and rinse after 15 minutes.

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Today we offer you an anti aging  facial mask that can be easily made at home,  with natural ingredients that you can find in any store. Cornstarch facial mask can successfully replace those painful Botox injections. The effect is immediate.
Do this trick at least once a week and you’ll be 10 years younger! -
Homemade anti-aging cream with miraculous effect:
Do this at least once a week and your face will be 10 years younger!
Remove the Dead Skin from Your Face with Baking Soda
Generally everyone wants to look pleasing, but this can’t be done with pigmentation spots on your face. Especially for women, the men of these spots on arms, face or neck is very annoying because even a high profile makeup couldn’t hide them. As a result of vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalances or pregnancy and excessive exposure …Continue reading...
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Women from Japan have always been considered to look beautiful, youthful, and that is all due to the secret that is old for centuries- the benefits of rice.