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Kaye and Garfield signing autographs for the troops of WWII at the Hollywood Canteen. Even though they aren't a couple of beautiful "dames" the troops still seemed interested in getting autographs from these two talented men. (Two of my all-time faves in one shot!!)

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Danny Kaye, one of my ALL-TIME FAVES!

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Abandoned, County Kerry, Ireland.

Abandoned, County Kerry, Ireland

Audrey Hepburn.

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Audrey Hepburn and her son, Sean, entertaining James Garner with their silly antics, 1961.

Rare Audrey Hepburn : Photo

Audrey Hepburn ..holy ❤️

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Desert Island Reading List with Lucy Williams

Northern Lights over Santa's Home at Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland.

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Groucho Marx and his Gibson L-5 guitar, c.1942.

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I could be anything...

I could be anything

Woman Who Suffered Severe Burns as A Baby Reunited with Nurse Who Cared For Her in Heartwarming Photo

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Majestic Sea Turtle, Hawaii.


Edinburgh, Scotland.

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"45 Life Lessons Written by a 90-Year-Old Woman." :)

45 Life Lessons Written by a "90-Year-Old Woman"

El interior azul del glaciar Azul (en el Olympus), Patagonia.

El interior azul del glaciar Azul (en el Olympus)

Iceland landscape...

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'Blacklist' star James Spader reveals he's the man behind Red's fedora...

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Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader, "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Comic-Con '14 Star Portraits: Day 3 | Photo 1 of 44 |

Eltz Castle, Germany.

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God bless them...

This Kid Is Doing It Right


Macromeme: The Worst Website in the World


That’s why Julie Andrews is so great…

Animals are so amazing.

Alex the Parrot…


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