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Cakes, Cakes, & Cakes!

Cakes, Cakes, & Cakes!

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Paula’s Sugared Rose Parade Layer Cake at

  • Debbie Davis
    Debbie Davis

    Thank you for the reminder about the rose petals. If you give the petals a cool bath in just clear water, they should be fine. I would only use the youngest petals (ones that haven't been open that long). They are so good after the sugar has dried.

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love

    Please don't use roses from any yard unless you know for sure that a bug killer hasn't been used on them.

  • Candy Love
    Candy Love

    Please don't use roses

  • Grace Huffman
    Grace Huffman


  • Lesley Quesada
    Lesley Quesada

    Too pretty to eat!

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Clementine Spice Cake at

Paula Deen Clementine Spice Cake —
  • Krista Carver
    Krista Carver

    just heard about this on Secret Life of Walter Mitty, sounds great!

Holiday Spice Cake at

Paula Deen Holiday Spice Cake Recipe —

Gingerbread Spoon Cake at

Paula Deen Gingerbread Spoon Cake Recipe —
  • Cristina Brunette
    Cristina Brunette

    I love it

  • Beth Provencher
    Beth Provencher

    That is NOT an attractive looking dish, Paula... :)

Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake at

Paula Deen Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe —

Uncle Bob’s Fresh Apple Cake at

Paula Deen Uncle Bob’s Fresh Apple Cake Recipe —
  • S Johnson
    S Johnson

    Bad link.

  • Amber Foust Fagan
    Amber Foust Fagan

    Made this this fall with local apples and apple honey from here in Germany for the glaze. It was amazing :)

Gooey Toffee Butter Cake at

Paula Deen Gooey Toffee Butter Cake Recipe —

Ultimate Coffee Cake on

Paula Deen Ultimate Coffee Cake Recipe —
  • Jessica

    Paula I am making your Chicken Georgia TONIGHT! I can't wait to taste it!

  • Chloé

    I love you Paula! You still have A LOT of fans!

Sweet Baby Jack Carrot Cake on

Paula Deen Sweet Baby Jack Carrot Cake Recipe —
  • Laura Mann
    Laura Mann

    Yumm ❤ Ya Paula!!

  • Diane Chamblee
    Diane Chamblee

    Keep your chin up Paula, we're behind you all the way! Life has handed you a bowl of lemons...I have no doubt you'll find a way to turn it into the best lemonade recipe the world has ever tasted. I'll look forward to trying it and the recipe for "crow" that the Food Network publishes when they see how much you are loved and missed, and beg you to come back!

  • Christal McLean
    Christal McLean

    Support for Paula 100% and more. It takes sad people to scatter like flies when everything wasn't perfect and these same people mad millions from her. It just amazes me that we will forgive fallen presidents and cheating stars and murderers but gleefully take down a wonderful woman who made a mistake. Even if it more than we understand everyone needs support and forgiveness. I will continue to support her and stand up for her.

  • Carol Byers-Tonyan
    Carol Byers-Tonyan

    I just don't get it..something else has to behind all of this. It's just awful. What she must be going through now, probably having to let all of her employees go. What a shame...

  • ReNee

    ((((((((HUGS))))))) for Paula! You will pull through!

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Never-Fail Pound Cake

Paula Deen Never-Fail Pound Cake Recipe —
  • 🎀ℋollƴ ℬℰa🎀
    🎀ℋollƴ ℬℰa🎀

    Paula Deen You make a strawberry pound cake with a delish icing and sold them premade in Walmart ... they no longer carry >:( Can you post a recipe to that please? :)

  • Lisa Teaff-Imm
    Lisa Teaff-Imm

    This cake is so easy to make!! And oh so good!

  • Denise Carey
    Denise Carey

    Made this at Christmas for gifts, however it was so good they never made it out of the house.

  • Julie Marker
    Julie Marker

    I have made this amazing cake several times! I highly recommend for ladies who are new to baking.

  • Kerry Rankin
    Kerry Rankin

    It calls for milk...what kind? Evaporated, whole, something else?

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Paula Deen Candy Snack Cake

Paula Deen Candy Snack Cake Recipe —

Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake

Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake Recipe —
  • Susan Utley
    Susan Utley

    This is super easy and wonderful for a quick dessert. In the summer I add fresh berries and cool whip. The chocolate version is really good too. Both cakes are very rich.

  • Ann Gardiner-Valek
    Ann Gardiner-Valek

    Paulas gooey butter cakes are to die for!! I feel like I'm commiting a little sin every time I eat some!! I now make them as chritmas gifts people can't enough of it they truely are yummy!!

  • Mary Lou Adams
    Mary Lou Adams

    I've been making this cake for over 20 years as "Neiman Marcus Brownies" It is awesome and always comes out great.

  • Jodee Lopp
    Jodee Lopp

    Can someone please help me? Tell me a cake mix that makes it at least taste similar to Ms. Paula's...

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Paula Deen Jamie's Coconut Cake

Paula Deen Jamie’s Coconut Cake Recipe —
  • Wink And Blush
    Wink And Blush

    This looks so tasty!

  • Lisa Teaff-Imm
    Lisa Teaff-Imm

    My sweet Nana Polly used to make a cake just like this one, thank you Paula for sharin!

  • Melba Jenkins
    Melba Jenkins

    Family favorite

  • Barbara Williams
    Barbara Williams

    I have made this cake so many times. And my family loves it.

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Paula Deen Savannah Chocolate Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce

  • Mary Ann Fulghum
    Mary Ann Fulghum

    Add a comment...

  • Shirley Mullins
    Shirley Mullins

    yum yum yum

  • Julie Ambrose
    Julie Ambrose

    Holy momma cita this looks crazzy good!

  • Zahra Khan
    Zahra Khan

    HI! I just baked your maple pecan cupcakes with butter pecan frosting! Couldnt comment on the site so this post is just to tell you that they turned out just perfecttt :)

Paula Deen Basic 1-2-3-4 Cake

Paula Deen Basic 1-2-3-4 Cake Recipe —

Paula Deen Mississippi Mud Cake

Paula Deen Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe —
  • Josee Santo
    Josee Santo

    Simple to make, and those are often the best desserts!

  • Julia Angelena
    Julia Angelena

    you make the best stuff Paula Deen!! :)

Paula Deen Sunny's Sunshine Cake

Paula Deen Sunny’s Sunshine Cake Recipe —

Paula Deen Grandmother Paul's Red Velvet Cake


    Every time I make any of Paula's cake recipes, they come out perfect and I have tried a lot. Other of my favorite from her is the Carrot cake.

  • Ashley Merola
    Ashley Merola

    This was our first homemade birthday cake and it was awesome!!

  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones

    This is the best red velvet cake recipe!

  • Koko Me
    Koko Me

    Oh my! I made it today nd my family loved it ,, I've replaced butter for cake mix with a cup of veg oil ,, thnxxxx do much ♥


    I had made this several times, not even a crumb is left. Delicious!

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Paula Deen Southwest Georgia Pound Cake

Paula Deen Southwest Georgia Pound Cake Recipe —
  • Tahera Mohamedali
    Tahera Mohamedali

    I love this recipe both ways with vanilla or lemon extract! I add a dash of ground cardamom powder. It's perfect!

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook

    Pound cakes are usually made in a Bundt pan or Tube pan. Since I don't know what kind of pan you have perhaps it might be feasible for you to just buy the proper pan. You will use it over and over again if you keep baking this cake. My best to you.

  • Dana Dentino
    Dana Dentino

    I don't have a bundt pan. Can you tell me how I would adjust the bake time for a different pan?

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook

    sounds good to me. thanks

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller

    This is a never fail reciepe. I make one very similar and it tastes great!

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Paula Deen Wilmington Island Marsh Mud Cake

Paula Deen Chocolate Pecan Layer Cake

Paula Deen Chocolate Pecan Layer Cake Recipe —
  • Christy Stroup
    Christy Stroup

    I made this! I thought it was really good!

Paula Deen Ooey Gooey Butter Layer Cake

Paula Deen Ooey Gooey Butter Layer Cake Recipe —

Paula Deen Guinness Chocolate Cake

Paula Deen Guinness Chocolate Cake Recipe —

Paula Deen Banana Nut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

  • Diana Mawmaw
    Diana Mawmaw

    That's who I made mine for also. I'm not a big banana lover, but this was good.

  • Dawn Gilliam
    Dawn Gilliam

    Wish me luck! Never made a banana cake before and i am going to try this recipe for my hubby who has been craving banana cake!

  • Mary Susanna Myers
    Mary Susanna Myers

    My father's favorite cake, but with whipped cream instead of cream cheese. Also, bananas sliced across the top.

  • Connie Sandvig
    Connie Sandvig

    German chocolate cake

  • Diana Mawmaw
    Diana Mawmaw

    This was great ....I loved the texture of the cake.

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Paula Deen Mama's Pound Cake

Paula Deen Mama’s Pound Cake Recipe —
  • Valerie Jamison
    Valerie Jamison

    i have made this 5 times, and it never fails. thanks so much Paula!

  • Darlene Blake
    Darlene Blake

    Love this cake Paula!

  • Shirley Mullins
    Shirley Mullins

    best cake ever ,yep right here

  • Enid Francis Viaña
    Enid Francis Viaña

    I so adore you Paula! I've tried some of your recipes and they're all excellent! Can you adopt me please? :)

  • Anne Rackley
    Anne Rackley

    Close but not quite as tasty as my recipe! Sorry Paula!! ;)