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Slow Cooker Recipes

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Slow Cooker Recipes

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The Deen Bros. Lighter Slow cooker Stuffed Peppers at

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Slow Cooked Roast with Creamy Herb Sauce at

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Slow Cooker Pinto Beans at

Paula Deen Slow Cooker Pinto Beans Recipe —

Slow Cooker Boeuf Bourguignonne on #pauladeen

Paula Deen Slow Cooker Boeuf Bourguignonne Recipe —
  • Barnabas Clothing Co.
    Barnabas Clothing Co.


  • Tina Montemor
    Tina Montemor

    Best slow cooker recipe:) thanks mrs.deen

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Buttermilk Coleslaw on #pauladeen

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  • Kayla Wells
    Kayla Wells

    Oh my goodness!! This sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!

  • Janice Felgueira
    Janice Felgueira

    Will have to try this one. My husband will love it.

Paula Deen Slow Berry Cobbler

Paula Deen Slow Berry Cobbler Recipe —
  • Debbie Haney
    Debbie Haney

    Mother made the BEST blackberry cobbler ever! I miss her so much. I'm going to make this and remember...thanks, Paula!

  • Barbara Freeman
    Barbara Freeman

    oh my...looks wonderful.

  • Becky Lund & Associates
    Becky Lund & Associates

    this is what i want to come home to

  • Patricia Newman
    Patricia Newman

    I love Paula ,she can cook anything. I wish she would come out with a DVDS series. pop the recipe in the DVDS and cook.

Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Paula Deen Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew —

Slow Cooker Pork Spare Ribs

Paula Deen Slow Cooker Pork Spare Ribs Recipe —

Slow Cooker Harvest Stew

Paula Deen Slow Cooker Harvest Stew Recipe —

Slow Cooker Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin

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Slow Cooker Orange Rosemary Chicken

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  • Kimberly Michelle
    Kimberly Michelle

    This recipe does not work over 6-8 hours in a slow cooker. It's not roasted, it just disintegrates. Use the recipe tips and roast it normally in your oven. Trust me... I thought it was just me the first time :(

Slow Cooker Cheese Stuffed Meatballs and Sauce

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  • Naomi Grover Rook
    Naomi Grover Rook

    Yummy comfort food!

  • Regena Odle
    Regena Odle

    These are amazing!

  • Lynn Haedtke Snitker
    Lynn Haedtke Snitker

    These look awesome! Has anyone tried these yet?? How are they?

  • Regena Odle
    Regena Odle

    I have made these twice. Everyone loved them. If you follow the recipe - they are HUGE. Really good though :)

  • Sabine Hoffmann
    Sabine Hoffmann

    woooow :)

Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs

Paula Deen Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs Recipe —
  • Rosetta Roper
    Rosetta Roper

    This looks like the short ribs my wonderful Mother used to make. I loved it.

  • Phyllis Dewoody
    Phyllis Dewoody

    Very good .

  • Pax Tecum
    Pax Tecum

    Don't laugh. Tonight was the first time I ever made short ribs in over 30 years of marriage. The picture looked so wonderful I had to try it. It was delicious and is a do again Paula Deen recipe. P.S. I emptied the bottle of red wine into the brew, it was only about a cup. Everything else I followed the recipe to a T. Thank you Paula for making my first Beef Short Ribs recipe a success.

  • Kristy Owens
    Kristy Owens

    More slow cooker ideas please!

  • Barbara Ann Huhn
    Barbara Ann Huhn

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I love the different ideas in cooking short ribs.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pickled Beef Sandwiches

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  • Rebecca Weiss
    Rebecca Weiss

    Tried these and are very good!!

  • Glenbrook  Farms Herbs
    Glenbrook Farms Herbs

    also try the pulled pork recipe, it is great!

  • Cindy Boisvert
    Cindy Boisvert

    This looked so good when you

  • Cindy Boisvert
    Cindy Boisvert

    Made it on GMA!!! Your so lucky to know robin too!!!

Gingerbread Spoon Cake

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  • Stacy Jarvis
    Stacy Jarvis

    I am in love with anything gingerbread. And if you created it Paula, I know it's HEAVEN!

  • Adele Forbes { In Mama Joe's Shadow~Cooking With Adele's Best Recipes}
    Adele Forbes { In Mama Joe's Shadow~Cooking With Adele's Best Recipes}

    oh my that brings back precious memories of my Mama Joe's kitchen

  • Julie Beth Stults
    Julie Beth Stults

    This looks so yum! I love you Paula and you have my support! I refuse to watch food network anymore. That's ridiculous! They shouldn't have overreacted like that. Everyone makes mistakes. God bless you and you're family!

Slow Cooker Smoked Sausage and Sauerkraut Soup

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Slow Cooker Apple Onion Soup with Cinnamon Cheese Toast

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Slow Cooker Stuffed Green Peppers

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  • Oliverio Italian Style Peppers
    Oliverio Italian Style Peppers


  • Marilyn Overcash
    Marilyn Overcash

    Love your show Paula,and the love you have for your family.may god bless you always.think I will follow your pinterest site.i might find agood recipe. Love,Marilyn overcash

Chicken and Rice Casserole

Paula Deen Chicken and Rice Casserole Recipe —
  • Stephanie Hawley
    Stephanie Hawley

    Friend made something very similiar last month for our meal exchange. Soooo good!!!

  • April Kerr
    April Kerr

    This is a really good recipe. I make this often

  • Diana Cooper
    Diana Cooper

    this isn't a slow cooker recipe

  • Debbie Kilmer
    Debbie Kilmer

    can't wait to try this

  • Barbara Brunner Snyder
    Barbara Brunner Snyder

    Making it Saturday for the first time, for my daughter and boyfriend. Looks very promising.

Italian Chicken and Vegetable Soup

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  • Louise Denton
    Louise Denton

    Looks inviting on a cold winters day.

Lowcountry Smothered Pork Chops

Paula Deen Lowcountry Smothered Pork Chops Recipe —
  • Roxann Mustian
    Roxann Mustian

    A favorite in our house !

  • Lacy Orton
    Lacy Orton

    This was sooo good! Served is over white rice

  • Lacy Orton
    Lacy Orton


  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    I don't know what employee is keeping up with your site, Paula, but they must not know what a crock pot is because several of these recipes don't use one.

  • Jen Hopkins
    Jen Hopkins

    These are amazing!

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Sweet Merlot Beef Stew

Paula Deen Sweet Merlot Beef Stew Recipe —

Slow Cookers are a Cook’s Best Friend

Paula Deen Slow Cookers are a Cook’s Best Friend —