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White Sugar Lumps Fotoprint van Jörg Nissen bij

Refined white sugar is as bad for your health as smoking is! It rots your teeth and brain; makes your skin wrinkly and pasty; gives you thrush, eczema and diabetes; Kick the sugar habit and get your life back!

Marx "Musical Merry Makers' Band" wind up toy, 1929

Marx "Musical Merry Makers' Band" wind up toy, 1929 Más


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Sir Frank Swettenham by John Singer Sargent oil on canvas, 1904

Brabazon reflects the extraordinary modesty of a private man. Though Brabazon was an artist of flair and originality, he never exhibited his works

goed zo krokodil

Darwin, Northern Territory, Saltwater Crocodile by francomottironi. I didn't know crocs could jump like that! And it is so amazing that someone captured this moment in a photo. (I hope the bird got away.