Chalk art by street artist David Zinn

David Zinn Chalk Art: Sluggo's Adventures Continue

Sluggo at the Ann Arbor Book Festival, where reading is fundamental, contagious and soporific. The Arena Sportsbar, Ann Arbor Book Festival Street Fair, Michigan (June - street art by David Zinn

Chalk Street Art by David Zinn,,

Chalk Street Art by David Zinn

Self-taught artist David Zinn uses chalk and charcoal to create works of street art that cleverly interact with found objects and the surrounding environment.

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Take a look at this amazing Awesome Small Scale Sidewalk Chalk Art by David Zinn! Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasStreet Art by David Zinn in Michigan, USA 94379 » STREET ART UTOPIA

David Zinn Lights Up City Streets With Amazing Chalk Art Featuring Cute Animals and a Green Monster!

Street Art - HOW FABULOUS IS THIS!! - I love the sense of humour involved in a lot of these pieces!! - SO FANTASTIC!! ✳✳✳

David Zinn Chalk Art: Sluggo's Adventures Continue

Amazing Street art of David Zinn Sluggo 362 Sidewalk Chalk Art Of Sluggo By David Zinn

David Zinn est un artiste passionné par le travail à la craie.

Des créations street art hautes en couleurs qui donnent vie à la rue

Michigan illustrator David Zinn (previously) has brightened the streets of Ann Arbor with his off-the-wall (or technically on-the-wall) chalk drawings since The artist works with chalk or cha…

sluggo on the street : Photo

David Zinn: "“Fish Story,” chalk and charcoal on concrete, recycled rubber matting and an accommodation of woodchips.

Too clever - wish that I could create this kind of art on our house.

I ADORE miniature street art: tiny little gems that require us to participate in the experience of the here-and-now to see