The Basic Wine Guide to Wine Glasses, Wine with Food, and Tasting Tips for each type - LOVE this chart so fun

Wine Folly Infographic Guide To Wines

Buy a beautiful poster of the 'Basic Wine Guide' infographic by Wine Folly. Includes serving temperatures, colors in wine, calories, and much more.

Wine Sak. This is hilarious. You could tote this around as a purse and no one would know the difference.

Wine Sack

This wine purse is perfect gift for the wine lover! It's a very cool idea to easily store bags of wine without the hassle of a box. Looks very much like a small purse and fits wine bag easily and… I NEED THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY KAYLA PURDY!

French Wine #Infographic #infografía

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Interesting infographic on the grapes behind the famous wines of France. If you'd like some varietal french wines from the languedoc, look here:

Wine Infographic - A Guide to the Best Wine Regions in the World

Wine Infographic - A Guide to the Best Wine Regions in the World. All these places sound wonderful

great infographic for keeping wine at the right temperature

"Cool, dark and Sideways" Infographic on wine storage conditions to protect any bottles you might want to hang onto for a while.

Is red wine or white wine better for you? The Great Wine Debate! Check this out! #wine #wineeducation

The Great Wine Debate: Red or White? [Infographic] - Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias

Healthier Mixers

How to Choose the Healthiest Beer, Wine, and Cocktails [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Choose Healthier Mixers for your Cocktails Check out the website for

Wine 101 :Savi Provisions- #Buckhead #Atlanta #market #organic #local #liquor #beer #wine #tastings #food #cook #breakfast #lunch #dinner #party #occasions #kitchen #savisunday #gift #basket

Wine Serving Temperatures [Infographic] Find the perfect temperature for your favorite bottle