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Cemeteries, Mourning Items & Statuary

Cemeteries, Mourning Items & Statuary

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Sometimes, as is the case now, there simply are no words. This poignant sculpture is in a cemetary in St. Petersburg, Russia.

George S. Bangs, Inventer of the Railroad Mailcar, Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Tombstone vehicles pool



Follow in the north

In life, German knight Christian Friedrich von Kahlbutz, felt he was entitled to any woman (virgin or wife) he wanted. When the wife of a shepherd refused him, he took his revenge on the woman's husband and murdered him. At his trial he swore an oath, "It was not I, otherwise after my death my body will not decay". Oddly, that is exactly what DID happen. Some say that the preserved state of his body is proof of his guilt while others say that it is simply a case of natural mummification.

13 Creepiest Mummies on Earth

Picture of Charlie Chaplin's coffin that was sent to his family after grave-robbers stole it demanded a ransom. The robbers were eventually caught and charged with extortion "disturbing the peace of the dead"....

Whispering angel

Mrs Patrick Campbell

Hairwork is found on the back of a brooch, whose front depicts sentimental rather than mourning imagery. I wonder if this represents several members of a family. I haven't seen one like that before

I love these Victorian hair art pieces..they're both fascinating and creepy. I tried casting barbie doll hair in resin last year for pendants and unfortunately it didn't work out. Maybe i'll give it a second attempt?

black-pool — Mademoiselle Loulou*

Victorian Mourning Locket.

portrait of a woman in mourning, ca. 1870

The coffin-shaped mort-safes in this photo were originally buried underground with the coffin placed inside of them to avoid the bodies being dug up by body-snatchers and the corpse sold to anatomists. These "metal-basket"-type coffin covers were buried with the coffin and removed after a couple of weeks, when the corpse was no longer fresh enough to be worth money to grave-robbers, then used again to protect fresh graves. The mort-safes in this photo are located at Logierait Kirkyard in Scot...

President Lincoln, lying in state....

Funeral outside of St. Louis Cathedral.

Mourning ensemble, ca. 1885. Silk jacket, bodice, and skirt. Powerhouse Museum

Mourning ensemble Date: ca. 1870 Culture: American Medium: silk

Mourning ensemble | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mourning ensemble, ca. 1870. American. Silk. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, v

Death Becomes Her | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

While we think of having our children's picture taken with a deceased sibling a bit disturbing, it was not an uncommon practice. This was likely the only photograph they would ever have of, not only the deceased child, but of all of the children together.

There were two strict years of mourning for Victorian women. For first year mourning it was mandatory that she wear all black and if she couldn't afford to buy new clothes they dyed their existing clothing black - then bleached them again later.

Victorian Mourning Customs - 1891 Gartner Hearse from Thurmont MD

1889-1892 formal day dress, probably half-mourning, by designer Sara Mayer & A. Morhanger (Paris France). via The Victoria & Albert Museum.

Dress | Sara Mayer & A. Morhanger | V&A Search the Collections

mourning brooch, 1855

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