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THE BLACK DAHLIA: Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Short and her mother. From the bio:Elizabeth Short was born in Boston, Massachusetts; she grew up and lived in Medford. She was the third of five daughters of Cleo Short and Phoebe Mae Sawyer.

Severe effects of mustard gas in WWI

What Most People Don't Remember About WWI is That it Was Brutal. There were masks for soldiers that were disfigured during the war. The masks were hideous to look at, but they were, at times, far more appealing then the badly maimed faces underneath.

Civil War Amputee, circa 1865.

Amputations in the United States Civil War While the US Civil War was the first time that the survival rate of people who needed amputation was over (in large part due to the contributions of.


I am going to paint this with the lady on the bottom as a fairy standing on a rock in the ocean and the lady on the top with as a mermaid leaving a trail of bubbles in her wake as she vaults over the fairy back into the sea.