I don't support the comments on the bottom, there are many forms of feminism. However, it is just as important to support men and end the masculine stereotypes as it is to support females. - Nicole<<< I agree

if you could be a superhero what would your powers be and what would you be called? >>> i would have telekinesis and be called valectra also i'd get the girl lmao



Girls support each other. Feminist quotes, feminism, stronger together

'Support you local girl gang' Neon by artist Nick Thomm

Justi wants nothing more than to be a Centurion when she grows up. Like her big brother Michael. But who knows, maybe Reyna will let her join the legion anyway.

neal's the kind of guy that, after hearing someone insult another about wearing a dress. would buy a fucking dress for himself and wear it damn proud in front of that shithead that was cruel.

trait(s) pour trait(s)

trait(s) pour trait(s)

The Time Is Now

Nimble: Do what needs to be done (full stop)

I woke up and instantly checked my phone for a text from you outta habit.