Paulina Krenz

Paulina Krenz

Nie znam roli, którą gram. Wiem tylko, że jest moja, nie wymienna...
Paulina Krenz
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Everyone's full of shit

Everyone's full of shit

30 Fresh & Creative Street Art Murals Guerilla Marketing Photo

Moon street art streetart wall art kids "With one piece missing, the whole thing's broken". by grafter_pics

A time to wish.

Eleventh Hour :: Artist Felicity Rogers just as this flower of life is here one second and gone the next our life here is but a vapor.

We are born into bodies that are fluid and free...Rhythm, breath, music and movement become tools of seeing and then freeing the habits that hold us back. When we move our bodies then our hearts begin to open, when the body and the heart taste freedom the mind won't be far behind. ~Gabrielle Roth

This time we chose to present to you one very talented photographer – Mariya. Mariya takes photos in a unique way. He combines artistic tone with a perfect angle when he takes photographs of women body. Those photographs are not distasteful at all,.


Imagine someone remembering playing piano happily surrounded by their family members. Then they close their eyes for a second and BOOM. They've got blood on their hands and this wasn't their piano.