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soupery: “ a softer sequel to this (please dont repost without credit) ” somebody leave me some inbox things, i need to practice

Blank Draw the Squad Prompts, Art challenges, Ask memes, and more! Please use proper ettiquette and.

Unnecessary... Feelings, scribbled-death:   I’ve been drawing a ton of the...

scribbled-death: “ I’ve been drawing a ton of the “draw the squad” memes this week and I thought why not make my own? Color coded for your convience.

New drawing meme, I did not draw this but follow the meme~

nathan (music), jordan (banana) me (hugging), Josh (dude in the middle), gavin (slugging in the arm)

Demon Dark Fantasy Art

Even demons have queens. Demon Queen - 01 by Reference art for a Lucifuge character from Hunter: The Vigil.

Hand-painted illustrations painted pencil sketch [basic education ... @ slut i…

I love the bold lines and the way the hand has been drawn in a variety of positions - Hand Study - Drawing Reference