Anne Boleyn Pearl Crown

Anne Boleyn’s Pearl crown arguably Henry the most famous wife had the classiest royal headwear of all ie not OTT just awesome top quality emeralds with perfect pearls

Crown of Queen Elizabeth

Art Deco Rose Queen Crown From 14 queens rode down Colorado Boulevard wearing the crown.

The only remaining Medieval Crown (1370-80)

Crown is recorded in England. Belonged to King Edward III or Anne of Bohemia Gold, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls.

Amethyst Parure Tiara - now part of the Swedish royal family jewels

Tiara Mania: Amethyst Parure Tiara worn by Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Grand Duchess Vladimir's diamond circles, now owned by the British royal family. Surely one of the most iconic and beautiful tiaras. I always thought I preferred it with the pearls, but I saw a video of the Queen wearing it with the emeralds and it looked utterly amazing with the flash of vivid green amongst the diamonds.

A double image of the Vlad tiara with both pearls and emeralds, and the new Queen Elizabeth started to wear her grandmother's tiara when she went to see the Royal Film Performance of 'Beau Brummel' in My thanks to 'The Court Jeweller' for the info.

Belle Epoque sapphire tiara bandeau

A belle époque sapphire and diamond tiara, of kokoshnik inspiration, millegrain-set throughout with cushion-shaped sapphires and old brilli.