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Math Unit Studies, Notebooks & Lapbooks

Math Unit Studies, Notebooks & Lapbooks

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How to Teach Multiplication the Easy Way! | True Aim Education Parenting

This website gave three great ideas to show students how to look at a multiplication problem. I would use these strategies during guided practice and group work

Today we began division. I always suck my kids in by telling them I'm going to teach them how to divide without division. They never believe me, but it doesn't take long for them to figure out where I'm going. We use multiplication to divide! After all, multiplication is way more fun than division, right? ;) P2

How Can You Use Your Hands as Multiplication Manipulatives? | Teacher Blog Spot This is a great math blog too! :: Interesting...not sure I would teach this way.

"What's in the Box?" - Multiplication/Division with Cuisenaire Rods - Math Video

Education Unboxed - Math Tutoring Help Through Videos, Games and More

FREE - Elementary Geometry: Lines and Multiplication Practice - 1 page.

FREE - Elementary Geometry: Drawing Lines, Line Segments and Rays - 2 pages

FREE - Elementary Geometry: Identifying Right, Obtuse and Acute Angles - 2 pages

2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade: Multiplication (this is by a 2nd grade teacher but it is a nice foldable summarizing multiplication models)


Maths Division Wheels

Practice 1-12 times table on one worksheet


Fractions – Counting by Halves

Measurement Math Journal Foldable

Free printable math posters

Solving systems of equations foldable

Multiplication Tables Game- combines math and US geography

Featured Freebie

subtraction with regrouping song

a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping

2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping put into math journal

Bedtime Math | A fun new math problem every night.