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OrchidCraze: MAHA Orchid Show 2012

MAHA Orchid Show 2012

XoXo - #Fashion, #Love, #Life


Orange Dendrobium Thyrsiflorum Orchid

The Tropical Gardener: Orange Dendrobium Thyrsiflorum Orchid

Ponthieva Orchids | Peristeria elata | Orchids Online

Peristeria elata

Conophytum pageae

Hiroshi Sudo - Timeline Photos | Facebook

Conophytum ursprungianum

Timeline Photos - Loucas Por Suculentas | Facebook

flamboyant tree flowers - Google Search

Flamboyant Flower Red by EyeInFocus on deviantART

Wisteria Vine

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Picture/Photo: Trichosalpinx rotundata plant. A species orchid

Picture/Photo: Trichosalpinx rotundata plant. A species orchid

Miltonia 'Sunset' Orchid

Miltonia 'Sunset' flowers.

Agave attenuata

plants - E - Echium - Page 4


Mountain Soul Ranger

Echinopsis Eyriesiig Cactus - These are taking over my yard here in Phoenix. Hardy as long as not in the afternoon sun.

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Dendrobium (unknown name)


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~Beautiful Rose~

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Eulychnia castanea spiralis. And then, in the 8th day, God was bored and said: "well, what about an spiral cactus"?

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Astrophytum hybrid: Astrophytum senilis var. aureum x Astrophytum asterias nudum)?

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