Paul's Playhouses Customer Photos

Pictures of client built playhouses, based off of blueprints from
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Happy Camper Playhouse Plan

Davy Jones' Locker Pirateship Plan

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Hot rod play-set plan.  Download now and start building today!

Hot Rod Play-set Plan

Both small and sweet, this wicked hot rod may not be terribly large, but it sure has style. Designed after a coupe, this wooden playhouse plan will impress!

Monster Truck Play-set Plan

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Edward Thatch Pirate Ship Play Plan

Slanted Shack Playhouse Plan

First Rescue Fire Truck Play-set Plan

Farm Tractor Play-set Plan

Huey Helicopter Play-set Plan

Adirondack Log Cabin Playhouse Plan

Crippling Clipper Pirateship Plan

Caboose Playhouse Plan

Country Cottage Playhouse Plan

Three level DIY clubhouse anyone with a saw can build!  Download and start today.

Paul's Clubhouse Plan

3 level clubhouse with slide, swings, porch, rock wall and ladder