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Little Red Riding Hood

The Wolf Tattoo ideas for Arm

Odal rune tattoo. Amazing effects.

Amazing effects. Not the tattoo, just the style

Viking skull

Glorious Dead Will Harvest All

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Wolf Howling At The Moon Male Forest Tattoo Sleeve On Forearms

Gorgeous tattoo by Carlos Torres

In this design inspiration post where looking at another creative art form which is body ink, which has really picked up some great momentum and gained a lot of

Clock Hourglass Time:  #Hourglass.

This hour glass, maybe hanging by chain in the reapers one hand but with the guy trying to claw his way out rather than hands behind head.

lua em escorpião - Pesquisa Google

the dreams of the Bride are inscrutable. ] When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.

Found on via Tumblr  Could thid be God.... Made in our image???

As we continue to evolve, we become more unified, we deepen our sensitivity to the innate wisdom and beauty of all of creation, and further open the channel to access information held in Universal Consciousness.

Wherever you go,  go with all your heart - Confucius

photo by Michael Shainblum at Fonts Point in the Anza Borrego State Park, CA

creaturesoflight:    You, who are so beautiful,  why do you sit alone, dreaming the wandering stars?  Because alone is when we see and hear and feel  for ourselves.  Because alone is where time ends,  and the universe begins, where the mind touches wonderment  and prods us awake, where we sit in silence  and pray for nothing but the words to make the silence audible.

Mojo Wang aka Mojo Wan aka 莫韭 aka Wood West Muxi (Chinese, b. Shanghai, China) - Portrait Of Teenager - The Universe, 2013 Digital Arts: Drawings