“Human” Series of Digital Paintings by YURI SHWEDOFF Series of artworks by young artist Yuri Shwedoff.

The Grey Sword. Ragnor is not aware that the sword is no longer his.

Throne Of Glass,Black Roses,Narnia,Character Inspiration,Mythology,Darkness,Literature

Slytherin Aesthetic,Caligula,Sirius Black,Celestine,Tobias,Werewolves,Frankenstein,Moodboards,Jamaica

Quick reminder for the tournament tomorrow: according to tournament rules all combat weapons must be blunted, so make sure to see the blacksmith if you need to for jousting or sword fighting. "We fight together"

Robert Frost Poems,Screensaver,Rage,Alter,Robert Ri'chard

pinterest: wealldream

pinterest: wealldream