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Avalon Camelot King Arthur:  "Excalibur," by *Erulian, at deviantART.

Excalibur, not to be confused with the sword in the stone. Arthur got this sword from the Lady of the Lake with Merlin's help. It came after the sword he pulled from the stone and was said to be the mightiest sword ever forged.

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Sword Of The Spirit Painting by Jeff Haynie. Take hold of the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. Artist Jeff Haynie shows the sword of truth cutting through the lies of darkness.

Dark Dragon

"Dragon and Sword" Painting by Jan Patrik Krasny posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Painting art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKES shop.

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Your brain can play tricks, Never apologize for trusting your intuition. your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.

My life

I gotta Always REMEMBER.It's my life, live it for me! Don't make my life decisions based upon Fear, Obligation or Guilt the (FOG) is the ultimate trap.

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I walked into love with you. I chose you. with eyes wide open and heart on my sleeve. I chose you. and I will keep choosing you. forever and a day.