Luke just looks ashamed Calum looks like he doesn't give a flying acorns that he got in trouble then Michael looks like he's just Looking at Ashton waiting for him to Shut Up >>>> Daddy Irwin strikes again!

I really wanna hang out with all 4 of them and have a conversation about anything and everything. They seem like the kind of people I'd be able to get over my shyness around and actually talk around them. Lol<<<Same girl, same

alreadymissings: “ & how is he not a model yet?

Guess who's back, back again, Ashton's pulling a weird face is back, tell the Fam>>>Lol I'm sorry, I had to.

I'm literally in tears because I saw an outback commercial today and thought, man Ashton sounds like that!

Ashton fan art credit goes to the watermark in the picture>>> I love fan art

Or Mikey or cal or Luke or mcr or ATL or fob or 21 pilots or or paramorE or dan and Phill or Johnnie gulibert or social repose or loads of other things

Which 5 Seconds of Summer Guy is Destined to Be Your Boyfriend?

god😳👌🏻💜😘😝😉This is literally my dream. Well kind of id rather a band member be my brother not a boyfriend but this is next best thing o my god I'm dying aghhhh