Bibliófilo: amante de los libros, alguien que encuentra placer y tranquilidad mental cuando tiene en sus manos un libro de calidad. Repinned by

Bibliophile (n) a lover of books; somone who finds joy and preace of mind while holding a quality book. I LOVE to lose myself in a book.

"Nos perdemos a nosotros mismos en los libros, pero también nos encontramos en ellos" Una reflexión preciosa... y bien cierta.

We lose ourselves in books. quote books world imagination reading read real life; for my future library/office wall

Puede ser q no sea maga, o tributo, o cazadora de sombras, o divergente, o semidiosa, pero soy lector@ y es lo mismo #Reader

Perhaps I'm not a Witch or a Tribute or a Shadowhunter or Divergent or a Demigod, but I'm a Reader, and that's the same thing.

I have a big problem with leaving the end of books unread because I don't want them to end :'/

Sometimes I leave the last few chapters unread for ages.

"Outside of a dog a book is men's best friend, inside of a dog it's too dark to read" Grocho Marx

Then why am I still short physically?

Libros..... mañana habrá feria del libro en el pueblo Matehuas no se lo pierdan

Me alegra saber que ya he leido por lo menos la mitad.

Everyone has a life ;) some just choose to have more than one!! It makes things interesting :)

"I am a reader, not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many." Barnes and Noble leather bound classics collection.


Books don’t change people; paragraphs do.

Me encanta la ilustración

A good book makes you want to live in the story. A great book gives you no choice. Art by Andrew Ferez.

My many lives

Harry Potter, Divergent, Mortal instruments, Hunger games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

guimel murcia: Google+

Oh ma gawddd 😩😍❤️

Always want more

The odd thing about people who have lots of books is that they always want more! So true

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read. I love classics, mysteries, horror books, Christian fiction, non-fiction... everything. I even love the way books smell.

Book Quote from Cinderella in Rubber Shoes "Say it Loud say It Proud I am a Book Geek"

Give me a good cup of coffee and a book I love and I'll be happy ~ by millie

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