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Tiny Particles of Larger Loves


a single white dove was on our roof last week......have lived here 22 years & have never seen one before!, Go To to get more Gossip News!


Deadline: 2/25/15 EOD: March Madness Edition - Anything Sports, Fitness, Exercise, Workout, Racing, Gambling, Cheering, etc. #Photography #Art #Magazine #Publication #Model #Photographer

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primrose hill by Clare Park - Picture Library Image

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Mario De Biasi :: Balletto / Ballet, 1953

Mario De Biasi :: Balletto / Ballet, 1953 | haunted by storytelling


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Mario Giacomelli :: Io non ho mani che mi accarezzino il volto / I have no hands to caress my face, 1961–63

haunted by storytelling

Flight of the pelicans in Namibia • photo: Labat-VWPics on PhotoShelter

White pelicans | VWPICS


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Pina Bausch, 1973

Dance Dance or we're lost

Tempo da Delicadezafrom Tempo da Delicadeza

Fotografia é Arte

Acapulco Cliff Divers at Sunset. Photographer: Thom Lang.

Fotografia é Arte

perfectly timed shot wow

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Dancers Everywhere

Kimberly by Agata Serge | 500px

Three seagulls (by Milko Marchetti)

Linprobable coup de Coeur : Photo


002: Photo by Photographer iqbaldi islan


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Yes, that is a flying dog...hahahaha. but really that is amazing dogs can jump like that ... Athlete !

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The Storyteller by Jeannette Oerlemans

Animals Showcase – Sélection de photographies animalières

Vladimir Tolman Swallows 1930s

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Karlie Kloss by Mario Testino

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Ballerina I by Vanessa Paxton

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Photo by Kang Seon Jun.

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Ed Watson of the Royal Ballet photographed by Rick Guest.

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Nehemiah Kish of of the Royal Ballet photographed by Rick Guest.

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