Satsuma, Kutani, Imari

I collect Japanese porcelain and earthenware. These three styles are my favourites. They date from a wide range of periods. Lots for sale on the Net, many cheap junk and mass-produced knock-offs. These pieces are originals made by master craftsmen.
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Japanese Meiji Kutani Satsuma Porcelain Cat

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Meiji Japanese Kutani Porcelain Tripod by 1littletreasureshop, $35.00 #japanese porcelain

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仲田錦玉 陶 歴 内庁御用達 小松美術作家協会 伝統工芸士 日本工芸会準会員

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Satsuma button

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Satsuma ware figure of standing Hotei second half 19th century

Japanese Art | Satsuma ware figure of standing Hotei | F1902.56

Satsuma Kutani THOUSAND FACES Japanese Teapot - Tea Set Satsuma Kutani THOUSAND FACES Japanese Teapot - Tea Set Satsuma Kutani THOUSAND FACES Japanese Teapot - Tea Set

Satsuma Kutani THOUSAND FACES Japanese Teapot - Tea Set THE resource for identifying Japanese and Chinese porcelain marks.

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Kutani figurine

Japanese Ceramics - artelino

Rectangular Satsuma kogo, Kinkozan

The Ivory Tower - Japanese Satsuma and Imari by Marvin Baer

Satsuma bowl. Kaizan

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Satsuma vase. Kinkozan

Fine Satsuma earthenware vase by Kinkozan (item #1070248)

Satsuma tray. Kinkozan

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Rare early Satsuma ewer, Seikozan.

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Satsuma sake ewer. Kizan.

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Extraordinary Satsuma casket with peacock and orb finial on pierced cover and flanked by a pair of figural youths. Painted decorations of figures in landscapes, anonymous, c. 1870-1880

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Rare, outstanding Satsuma box with cat finial on the cover and raised on four figural mice feet. Painted decoration of figures in garden interior, frolicking monkeys on the verso, and courtly youths on the side panels, by Yabu Meizan

The Ivory Tower

Kutani handled basket

Japanese Kutani Handled Basket: 6816: Removed

Rare early Kutani Kuanyin. Signed.

Rare signed Kutani Kuan Yin/Guan Yin Figurine

19th century signed Kutani box. c. 1875

Fine 19th Century Signed Japanese Kutani Box, Circa 1875: kv00001309: Removed

19th century Kutani plate

19th Century Japanese Kutani Plate: 4302: Removed

Imari Sometsuke fish plate, c. 1860

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Imari bowl compote c. 1860

Japanese Imari Bowl Compote c.1860

Imari charger, Edo period. 2,500 dollars

Japanese Imari Charger, 19th Century, Edo Period

19th century Arita ribbed Imari vase

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19th century Kutani stoppered bottle

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