"Work on your weakness until they are strengths, work on your strengths until they are second nature." | Come to Body Morph Gym in Ferndale, MI for all of your fitness needs! Call TODAY to schedule an appointment or visit our website for more information!

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"Hola! I'm chase, I'm 17 and single. I'm a son of Poseidon. I can control and breathe under water and talk to horses. My weapon is a trident called mare. I am very nice and loyal, and protective of my friends. Come say hi

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I guess if I've got legit followers, I should say something. I reblog what turns me on. I will ALWAYS reblog gymnastics or hard cups, because fuck yes, but any kind of hot guy, spandex, lycra, speedo,...

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src=" contador visitas Hi! I am Julio Andreh from Chile, a lovely person, dreamer, I like to have fun,​​stubborn, bad lovesick, always I fall, I'm late everywhere but good heart very cute lol ....

Last year, I realized I was chronically dehydrated. I didn’t even realize it until I took a moment to read about proper hydration. I barely drank any water! Now I drink upwards of a gallon of water a day. My body just works better. I feel better. I feel s

NSFW and always which means you need to be a grown up to look at this blog (over depending on where you are from!). Pictures are freely found on the web, they aren't mine. Want something removed? /ask me blah blah blah..Oh except the avatar,that is me.

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Sacramento's Gay Men's Sex Club See our website at None of the photos belong to us. If we accidentally...

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