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Fans file into Consolidated Ward for #sherlockHI

Our Sherlock screening took place at Consolidated Theatres - Ward 1/16/14 #sherlockHI

PBS Hawaii Director of Communications Liberty Peralta & President/CEO Leslie Wilcox at #sherlockHI

Fans could enter a raffle for Sherlock S3 DVDs! #sherlockHI

The line at #sherlockHI. More than 400 fans showed up!

Our production team interviews a fan at #SherlockHI

#sherlockHI Tatsu from our fundraising team, with our raffle jar! Fans could donate to PBS Hawaii for a chance to win a S3 DVD set!

#tbt Bob Barker - not the game show host! - interviews subjects for one of several Hawaii Public Television shows he hosted. Circa 1970s.

Sherlock & Moriarty. This is just too silly not to repin.

I highly doubt Sherlock realized just how true this was when he first said it. Because, despite being a "highly functioning sociopath", it was love that motivated him to take that jump.

Murray-arty | Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street

♥ I lack the ability to describe the incoherency that rages though my mind whenever I see Sherlock pictures like this. this is best description I can come up for it: AAJLWJEWIJDKNVKDAJWJOGEOPGKODKLSMVKDNKEJLKEJGKANWALAJFAWJEL. I am official obsessed.

Benedict Cumberbatch faced with a difficult challenge on Sesame Street... better call back up Love this ♥

"Sleeveless Sequins Floor Length Celebrity Dress"<<< Repinning because of the completely incorrect and freakin hilarious caption. Bed sheet, the new couture.

His speech-Well, the main part- was so unexpectedly touching that I didnt even realize i was crying at first

I almost spat out my drink when I first heard this, couldn't think of anything other than sherlock in a princess dress staring hard out of the window of his 'palace' XD

Twitter / MonaAllaert: @BakerStBabes #sherlock one ...

Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Side of Angels Digital by watchitDesigns

Sherlock in the rain. Now just turn around and show us your cheekbones and your blue eyes and it all will be okay.

Actually an accurate character representation. Welcome to our show.