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If you only knew the power of the dark side...





Check out this funny photo of a toddler eating Nutella, on!

Check out this funny photo of a minivan with the caption, 'I AM IRONVAN,' on!

Check out this funny photo of a sleeping girl in a princess bed wearing a Batman mask, on!

Funny Pictures & Photos | Moms, Kids & Baby | NickMom

Olympics Opening Ceremony

Fred Flintstone spanking Wilma- Unknown artist to me

Another not so funny thought...

literally me.

First world hamster problems…

bigass balloon ride, lol i just died laughing!!!


It's a good thing I love cuddling!

Click Black and White

You shall not pass! Boop.

The X-Files was more realistic than CSI

All you need is love. And coffee. #cup #coffee #quote

In Capitalist America…

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Meanwhile, in Canada…
  • Elle Clarke
    Elle Clarke, really, Pat? Here let me put a "LOL" in here...there feel better? lol

  • Sarah Sutter
    Sarah Sutter

    Hahahahahahahahahaha nice one Lesly

  • Devyn Monique
    Devyn Monique

    This is being takin to seriously. It's pinterest.

  • Nikki

    Actually, Lesly...there are areas of Canada that it does get like this in the winter. Last I checked your neck of the woods isn't the entire country, but a small section of it. Just as all of Alaska doesn't stay covered in snow. So yes, your comments were completely anal as well as lacking tact, let alone you calling out the pinner for making a "blanket statement" while you turn around & do the same. But LOL should make what I said just fine ;)

  • Britta Schickhaus
    Britta Schickhaus

    It's Alaska and we drive on whatever side of the road we want to. Canadians are polite, but dry. It's the English in them.

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