White Wow-ness!

I love the clean living look of white. It can be clinical, but it can be fresh, intriguing, inviting and spacious. Clear them cobwebs from the mind, and just breathe in the vast spaces. Divine.... not sure about a white sofa! But I do love white walls, and wood. Ah, the purity of white..... peace. xox
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I'm always looking for inspiring painted furniture for new ideas... I tend to paint everything the same color, (white) so I try to find pictures of some colors I like or different pieces I wouldn't have thought to paint. Here are a few of my favorites...


I’m in love with this beautiful cottage house with the old wooden floors, high ceilings and those beautiful doors. The kitchen looks super cozy and light and the living room has this mysterious look with the grey walls and the … Continue reading →

Eclectic Home Tour - Vibeke Design

Cottage style decorating in the home tour of Vibeke Design. Nestled in Norway, the cottage is filled with charming ways to display what you love.