Saying no is a big step for codependents | codependency | relationship advice | relationship problems | codependency recovery | self-care | Click to read more! #sayingno #codependency #recovery

The Power of Saying No

Saying no is a big step for people struggling with codependency. When you can't say no, self-care suffers and resentments build. Click the image to learn how to say no effectively.

10 tips to deal with low self esteem

10 tips to deal with low self esteem (A Life without Anorexia)

10 tips against low selfesteem. Low self-esteem is related to many issues such poor self-image. It discourages productivity and hampers action. It is also responsible for “chronic” unhappiness. Here are some no-nonsense tips to deal with low self-esteem.

NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON QUOTE - ONLY ATOMS UNIVERSE STARS about OnlyAtoms cool running clothes for guys and women made in USA | OnlyAtoms

"There are as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe" - Neil deGrasse Tyson making us awestruck with science.

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album project - another one of the most iconic albums of all time, The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.

I tried to be your friend. Chapter closed. Have a nice life. Goodbye. More

It's SO easy to think you're going crazy when you deal with narcs and narcopaths. Realize it's THEM, it was never you. Knowledge is such power!

Self Compassion June 2016 Resolution More

I never thought I was a bully until I listened to how I speak to myself. I think I owe myself an apology. Questions and Answers on Confidence

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational I hope all people with chronic illness could transition to well <3

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (335)

just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly. Have this painted on my daughter's wall. think it is a beautiful quote about growing up and life.

[Quotes] "We Cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." - Galileo Galilei [ digital art]. follow @dquocbuu like and repin it if you love it

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. - Image quote by Galileo Galilei