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Easy Guide to Growing Perfect Peas - How to Grow, Harvest, Save Seeds & Cook Peas | The Micro Gardener


Easy Guide to Growing Perfect Peas |

from Homespun Seasonal Living

Growing and Using Snow Peas

Growing and Using Snow Peas - Homespun Seasonal Living

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How to Make a DIY Bamboo Trellis

Easy Pea Trellis - how to make a DIY trellis for peas or beans with only one material! A fun a simple project for the garden.

How to Build a Woven Bamboo Trellis - Garden Therapy

The more you pick peas, the more peas you’ll have to pick. After harvest, the sugar in peas turns to starch, decreasing sweetness. For best flavor, cook or freeze peas within a few hours of picking. To freeze sugar snap peas, toss pods into plastic freezer bags.

Growing Green Peas - Bonnie Plants

Freezing Snow Peas Snap off the ends of the peas, pulling toward the opposite end to remove the strings on each side of the pod as well. Rinse de-stemmed and stringed pods in water. Place in boiling water for 2 minutes, then transfer to a large pan with ice water to stop further cooking. Once cooled, place in a colander to allow to drain for 5 minutes or so, then transfer to plastic freezer bags- pint-sized for stir-frys, quart-sized for creamed peas.

Thy Hand Hath Provided: Snow Peas vs. Garden Peas

Canning Granny: Canning Green Peas

How to Blanch and Freeze Garden Vegetables - super easy to do and they taste delicious in the middle of winter!

Harvesting Peas

How to Grow Peas {Start to Finish}

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How To Grow Peas. For Flowers, Shoots, Peas, Pods, and Soil Enriching

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