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YEARLY INTERVIEWS 1. What is your name? 2. How old are you? 3. What is your mom’s name? 4. What does your mom do during the day? 5. What is your dad’s name? 6. What does your dad do during the day? 7. What is your favorite color? 8. What is your favorite thing to eat? (what don’t you like to eat?) 9. Who are your friends? 10. What is your favorite song? Can you sing it for me? 11. What is your sister’s name? (this is fun because they don’t always say the name correctly- for example...

Pack and Play Tent. One day when it will be no longer needed! This would be cool. You could make it look like a safari hut. Thanks Kelli!

Use an old Baby Wipes container, hot glue or super glue a large Lego piece to the inside of the lid ...and you have a perfect Lego Travel Box

Balloon ninjas to shoot with nerf guns. *SERIOUSLY!!! This is a fantastic idea!! Great for little boys!!!

31 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas

lower case letters written on clothespins, match to upper case cards. -great for fine motor skills too

when it is important for students to be quiet, each of them gets a quiet critter. They will set these on their desk. If a student is talking, they lose their quiet critter. Students who have their quiet critter at the end of the activity, will get to put their name in a box for a prize this might work during quiet times at home....hmmm.

think outside the {toy} box - over 50 organizational tips for kids' spaces.

Make waterproof undies for catching accidents, but still feels like just wearing underwear.

Road trip clips: One clip for each kid.... If they are sweet, clip stays up, if they are not, clip comes down. Everyone with a clip on the visor gets a treat at the next stop :-) love this idea!!! Will totally be doing this

Ship's A'hoy Anchor Baby Blanket. $45.00, via Etsy. Coast Guard

Fun idea: If her kids don't pick something up after one warning, this mom confiscates it and puts it in a "ransom box." The only way you can get it back is to draw a task from the envelope attached to the box lid. Her tasks are hilarious!

Disney Movie Nights!! Themed Dinners followed by the movie!! 10 movies featured on this post

Calming Jar- Tell child that they need a break and may come back when everything has settled to the bottom.

Back to School Fairy-idea from Seasons of Joy blog ~"The door bell will ring very early in the morning on the first day of school. At the door will be Back to School gifts for a new school year!"

Laura, Chief Mom of Momables , packs lunches on Sunday for the whole week! Pin now, read later...Great lunch ideas.