Jean Reno & Natalie Portman in "Léon: The Professional", directed by Luc Besson, 1994

Fight Club (1999)

Edward Norton 'Tyler Durden' The Fight Club Art Print by Vlad Rodriguez

Apocalypse Now [1979]    Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse now... "never get out of the boat".... awesome.

Apocalypse Now Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse now. "never get out of the boat".

"Pulp Fiction" (1994)

Gangster Flick is a site dedicated to exploring the gangster movie genre including Goodfellas (Scorsese) The Godfather (Coppola) Pulp Fiction (Tarantino)

Prometheus - Ridley Scott

Prometheus (2012)

Watch the new Prometheus trailer for Ridley Scott's sci-fi Alien prequel, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron.

On the set of The Shining

Stanley Kubrick y Jack Nicholson durante el rodaje de El resplandor Stanley Kubrick and Jack NIcholson on set of The Shining


not a great adaptation of SK's book. Wendy backing up the stairs swinging the baseball bat in The Shining. Stanley Kubrick had this scene shot 127

The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers by Massimo Carnevale. On a mission from God

Prometheus Viral Clip # 2 (Happy Birthday David)

Prometheus Viral Clip # 3 entitled "Happy Birthday David the Android"). The Full Length version of the previous Prometheus viral clip # 2 introducing David the Android. "I Can do almost anything that could possibly be asked to me"


'Some men just want to watch the world burn' Alex Delarge, The Joker, Tyler Durden (A Clockwork Orange,The Dark Knight, Fight Club)

Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

For his "Inside the Masterpiece" series, Noah analyzes the two, equally ingenious versions of "The Shining"--Stephen King's novel and Stanley Kubrick's film


Cleveland native Keir Dullea returns to town for a four-film retrospective at the Cinematheque. The actor, best known for playing Dr. Dave Bowman in Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey," will attend Q&As on Saturday, July