Maintenance & Upkeep

Maintenance & Upkeep

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How to paint a porch floor: step by step process of cleaning, etching and painting for great results!

Paint a Porch Floor {and our paint colors!} - Kristi's Paintbrush

Lose Your Doors! 5 Stylish Space-Saving Door Alternatives Small Space Ideas | Apartment Therapy

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Clamp With Your Hands: 13 Tips for Perfect Miters Every Time www.familyhandyma...

Perfect Miters Every Time

LOVE the binder clip idea!!!

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Starting to think, "It's getting hot in here?!" It could be that your air conditioner needs to be cleaned! It's easy to forget about but cleaning it will save you from expensive repairs plus it will increase its efficiency! You can do it in less than an hour so go ahead and throw the to-do on your weekend project list!

Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

Step-by-step tutorial on how to clean and disinfect your cutting board without using chemicals!

How To Clean Your Cutting Board | All Kinds of Yumm

This way you are not putting grease down your drains (it canstop them up): pot of boiling water, add baking soda until water fizzes, and add dirty stove vents

The Everyday Cinderella: Clean your stove vents

Spray away dust with canned air! Bathroom vent fans

Quick Cleaning Tips

Eliminate shoe odors and stinky feet

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Hanging file organizer - use to store rulers!

Sunshine Yellow: And speaking of rulers…

CD/DVD shelves as fabric storage! Clever use for something otherwise useless!

Two More Seconds: My Sewing Room : a tour

Sort by Size - into closed tubs. Probably the most useful method of sorting to avoid having to open too many tubs in search for the right materials for a project.

Smart Ways to Store Fabric

File your fabric. | Community Post: 45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

45 Organization Hacks To Transform Your Craft Room

fabric-storage This is so good.

Fabric Storage Inspiration -- Part One -

Tina's note: I leave out the sugar and just wipe the counter spaces down with a simple dilution of 1/2 tsp borax and 1 cup water. Do not rinse, just clean as usual the next time you are cleaning. No more ants! (Pinner wrote: Ant killer: The recipe is so simple. - 1 cup of water - 2 cups of sugar - 2 T of Borax powder )

Dead Ant, Dead Ant... - crafterhours

Unclutter you kitchen counter! Great idea! I could wipe it off without moving everything!!

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How to sharpen Tools. Axe, shovel, and lawn mower blades //

How to Sharpen Tools

Use Press 'N Seal instead of painter's tape when painting. (Plus 10 other great painting tips on this site.)

Mess-Free Painting Tips

copper pennies before 1982 help keep algae from growing in bird bath...interesting.

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You will be amazed how noticeable even from the street clean windows are! Put the Dawn/ Jet Dry mixture in a spray bottle and just spray it on the pre-wetted windows, then rinse with the hose outside - inside, rinse with a sponge and squeegee. Hose off the screens separately OR, just spray right thru them if you can't easily get them on and off

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How to Stop Door Drafts Around Entry Doors. Plan for a warm day, so a spring project. Brr for now.

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this is a great pesticide inside or out side, smells better and safer too. Orange Oil Concentrate|Medina , Orange Oil, Natural Insect Killer, d-limonene, MN012:Organic-Gar...

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Make a freezer-fail detector. It can be hard to know if your power went out while you were on vacation. If it did, your food might not be safe. Fill a jar halfway with water then freeze on its side. Put the jar upright before you leave and take note if the water has melted and refrozen to find out.

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Natural Insect Killers: (1) Natural spider killer or preventer.. 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup pepper sauce, 1 teaspoon oil and 1 tsp liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows; refresh after it rains. (2) use Borax to prevent ants and fleas.

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DIY Fruit Fly Trap | (apple cider vinegar and Dawn dishwashing liquid)

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