Nydia Frazier
Nydia Frazier
Nydia Frazier

Nydia Frazier

Beautiful Face Wall Decal

Ideal Treatment Room Setup

In-home DIY Garage Reno "Spa" Makeover - beauty room, business, esthetics services, relaxation, pure elegance!

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*Complete* Hot towel steamer. Multifunctional - use for herbal compresses and clay packs.

Only an Esthetician would love this! Re-purpose your rice steamer as a towel warmer for facials and other ideas.

Brilliant Fish Tacos. These were amazing. Just watch the creole seasoning - contains a lot of salt so a little goes a long way. No need for additional salt and pepper as the recipe calls for. We also prefer flour tortillas to corn tortillas but that is just a personal preference. Serve with the wickedly good fish taco sauce and a side of cilantro lime rice and dinner is served!

Esthetician Job Interview Guide

Beauty uniforms, Medical uniforms, Work uniforms, Dental & Spa uniforms - Spring Spa Wear

Color Combinations for All Occasions | ColorPalettes.net - Part 7

Advice from the Pregnancy Professor...ask your nurse, midwife, pediatrician, etc. how to do this before you go home from the hospital or birthing center. All you need is an ordinary baby blanket - not a fancy swaddle "system." Visit PregnancyProfesso... and ask your pregnancy, labor & delivery or newborn questions from a pregnancy specialist with 30+ years of experience.

I love this! If you don't want clear polish/varnish then I iridescent colour is a great option. (scheduled via www.tailwindapp.com)

Chocolate-dipped, salted mandarins. Ready in seconds, and so, so good. I make these for every party!

Just make a simple dough and add chocolate pieces, banana slices, and marshmallows. Fold dough over to pocket everything inside using water to help the ends stick together, and press down slightly. Grill on griddle, flattening the panini as it cooks. Enjoy! ~ ♥

Marshmallow Fruit Salad Recipe. Less costly made at home than purchasing at the store deli by the pound. The choice is made depending on the budget and amount of people/guests, the time you may or not have at hand, but I have made it at home for less. Sub Kiwi or another fruit for the oranges/mandarin, whatever you like or what is on sale, fresh and natural, great summer/fourth of July dessert.

Greek Marinated Chicken - sounds good...but would use boneless, skinless breasts instead of pieces (personal preference)

Gorgeous lace cocktail dress: essentially a bombshell dress

Boho crochet dress RP by Splashtablet iPad Cases - the kitchen & shower iPad case that sticks everywhere. Winter Sale prices on Amazon Now!