Mess free painting for toddlers (plus tons of other ideas)

Ziploc bag painting - put finger paint inside a ziploc bag and then tape/contact paper to a window. Mess free fun for toddlers.

56 Sensory Play Ideas for Babies!  Perfect for even the littlest of littles!

Growing A Jeweled Rose: 56 Sensory Play Ideas for Babies. Or take some ideas and make them your own. Or make them for older kids

A mess-free way for baby  to paint- this activity makes a fantastic first painting experience, and the artwork produced is so pretty!

Baby sensory play Wrap cling wrap around a canvas and have the baby smoosh away with their hands and feet. So much fun!

Baby sensory bag: Freezer ziplock bag, some hair gel, duct tape, and a few things to put in the bag-a few buttons, some beads, silly bands, and a couple of flat marbles...

Sensory Bag for Baby

Sensory Bag for Baby - Plain Vanilla Mom. Zip-top bag(s), hair gel, toys like rubber frogs and Silly Bandz, duct tape. (And supervision).

30 Toddler Crafts

What Toddler Crafts & Art Projects Can We Do? 30 Ideas to Try

*I like that these are kid-driven, not attempts at perfect crafts. Art projects and crafts that are perfect for the tough toddler age. 30 craft and art activities that a toddler will love. How have you gotten creative with your toddler?

Make Natural Paintbrushes for Kids Art

(cedar branch bundle) Make Natural Paintbrushes for Kids Art.I could also see using some natural elements for stamps - leaves, pine cones, branches, bark, etc

quiet book. Good for matching shapes -  I had a quiet book.  Mine had a page with a clock with moveable hands, and a page to lace and tie too.

Shape matching quiet book page. can think of at least a handful of kids I would love to make this for!

activities for toddlers

Activities for toddlers :: learning through play

Great collection of activities! Activities for toddlers :: learning through play - NurtureStore

10 Indoor Toddler Activities.  Good rainy day activities.  Some messy

Sick, Tired and Cold

Awesome ideas for toddlers who aren't yet Easy ideas for a couple minutes when you need to keep them busy to get lunch ready, etc.-shaving cream on high chair, string cheerios on pipe cleaner, fill balloons with playdough